Who really is Catherine Nicholson ?


Interview with the journalist Catherine Nicholson by the class of 4e3 at Gustave Flaubert middle school in Paris

Today Catherine Nicholson, who has been living in Paris since 2009, is a European affairs editor at France 24. Before that, she was a reporter and a presenter. She can speak French, German and English (her mother tongue). Her favourite language is Italian. Thanks to her job she has visited lots of countries such as Martinique or Portugal. 


She said she wanted to be a journalist when she was a teenager to meet celebrities ! Today she has interviewed many of them such as the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet,  the English singer Jessie J or the French politician Michel Barnier. 

A difficult job ?

Catherine Nicholson said “as a journalist, it is important to tell the truth because many people think journalists create fake news but it’s wrong”. We wanted to know what was her worst experience. She answered honestly : “when I have not prepared an interview…”

Freedom of expression

When we asked her about freedom of expression and journalism, she mentioned several countries in the world where “journalists can’t do their job because they don’t have the right to criticize the government… “ She also told us about her job during the Paris terror attacks in 2015

A great meeting 

 I discovered new things about the job of journalist ”

 “It was cool I discovered a person and a job”

 Catherine Nicholson was very nice !”

 I want to do that again ! ”