Welcome to Leila Osman, our new English assistant!

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Leïla’s life !
 Her name is Leïla, she’s 23 years old and she’s from Jersey, an island in the United Kingdom. Her birthday is January 15th. Her father is from Sudan and her mother is from England so she has mixed origins just like her 3 brothers and her sister.
  She enjoys swimming and surfing because in Jersey there are surf competitions, but she hates swimming in deep dark water because there could be sharks and it’s scary.
  Leïla can play the piano, the guitar and the flute, her goal is to become very good at jazz improvisation.
  She can speak English and a few words of Arabic.
  Her favorite film is “A Knight Tale” which is an English film, she likes reggae from the 60’s, the series “West world” and the color blue. Her favorite place is the Highlands because she went often there with her friends. She loves Vietnamese food and the “Jersey Royal” which are potatoes from Jersey.
 When she was a pupil, her favorite school subject was history.
 She took a gap year before going to university, when she was 18. She went to Vietnam, Cambodia, Fiji, Thailand, Hong Kong and she taught in Asia. To pay for the trips, she worked in a bank for 6 months.
 For the last 4 years she went to university in Edinburgh, and last summer she took the train around Europe.
 For the next 6 months she will try teaching and she wants to do politics later.

INTERVIEW ABOUT LEILA, BY MALY 5è2. On Friday, a new assistant called Leila came to our Middle School, Pilâtre de Rozier and we asked her some questions.

Me -Hello, nice to meet you ! Today I would like to ask you questions about yourself    Leila -Okay great, go on !
Me - How old are you ?     Leila –I am 23 years old.
Me –Okay, where are you from and what are your origins ?    Leila –I come from Jersey, it’s a little island between France and England. My father is from Sudan and my mother is from England so I have the double nationality.
Me –You say that you live in Jersey but, is the island English or French ?    Leila – This island is independent, the British Queen leads it. So there you can speak French or English.
Me – So, you live near the sea, do you surf ?    Leila –Oh yes, I love surfing so much !
Me –What kind of other activities do you like to practise ?   Leila –I like swimming, listening to music, cooking and eating.
Me –Ha ha, I also like eating ! What do you like to eat ?      Leila –I like Vietnamese food.
Me –Talking of food what is Jersey’s speciality ?       Leila – Jersey’s speciality is the Jersey Royal Potatoes.
Me –Okay thank you ! Now you live in France do you have pets ?     Leila –Yes, I have a dog, Her name is Eidar.
Me –So you have a dog but what is your favorite animal ?         Leila –My favorite animal is the whale.
Me –When you lived in Jersey, did you live with your siblings ?        Leila –Yes, I’ve got three brothers and 1 sister.
Me –What do you like to do when you are bored ?           Leila – Even when I’m bored I like watching TVseries, movies and particularly short films !
Me –Who is your favorite actress ?              Leila –I think Angelina Jolie because she is a feminist !
Me – This is my last question : Where have you travelled ?         Leila – I spent some time in Canada , in California, in Scotland, Edinburgh, in Honk Kong, in Vietnam and in France !
Me –Okay thanks for answering all my questions !           Leila –You’re welcome !
Me –Goodbye !        Leila – Bye Bye !


"LEILA", BY MAX, 5è2

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  We met Leila Osman at school. She is twenty-   three years old.
She lives in jersey in the wonderful neighborhood of St Peter’s.
Her dog is called Eiden, she has three Brothers and one sister.
She likes music, swimming and surfing. She likes   Angelina Jolie. Her favorite movie is Harry Potter. She likes batman. She speaks English and a little French.




To begin, her name is Leila and she is 23 years old. Her dad comes from Sudan and her mother comes from England. Leila has one sister and three brothers.
She loves swimming and surfing. Also, she plays the flute, the piano and the guitar (she loves music ). Furthermore, her birthday is January 5th. She would like to teach in the future. Moreover, she has a dog.
If she was a color, she would like to be blue. Also, Leila loves Vietnamese food.
She lived in Jersey ( it is an island ) and she visited a lot of places ! For example, she visited Vietnam, Fiji, Hong Kong, New York and she spent six weeks in Cambodia when she was 18 years old. She travelled around the world, and she thinks she visited about 20 countries ! In fact, it was a gap year : she travelled for a year to become autonomous.
Also, Leila visited Paris. She visited some famous places : the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, the Orsay museum and the Louvre museum. But she prefers the Seine.
To finance her trips, she worked 6 months in a bank. Also, Leila’s favorite subject, when she was younger, was History. She likes reading and she read « Memoirs of a gnostic dwarf » ( a fantastic story ).
 Her favorite series is « West-World » and her favorite film is « A knight’s Tale ».



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Her name is Leïla Osman! She is twenty-three years old. She lives in Paris and she has a little dog, she's so cute!! Her job is an English assistant and she comes to our classroom on Fridays.
She has three brothers and one sister. She speaks English and a little French. She loves surfing, swimming, listening to music and watching tv series. Her dad is from sudan. Her favorite food is Vietnamese and her favorite color is blue. She likes watching action and romantic movies. Her star sign is capricorn. Her favorite superhero is Batman.
 And we think she's a nice person!
Welcome to Leïla in the class of 5 2!