Beauty and the Beast extravaganza reviews

The 6th D class and I went to RER, we got off at Châtelet les Halles. We walked to the theatre and we watched two actors who represented Beauty and the Beast and The three little pigs. I think it was funny because there were only two people for all characters. My favourite thing was Beauty and the Beast because the setting was better.”



We went to a theatre. We watched  The beauty and the beast extravaganza.I think it was comical and long because it was original. My favorite thing was "Three little pigs" because the costumes were very hilarious.”



On Tuesday 19th February, we went to the theatre and we watched « The Beauty and the beast extravaganza ». I think it was impressive because the actors were only two for many roles!  The settings, the props and the costumes were beautiful. I liked the story because it was well-known fairy tales. It was very funny when we sang nursery rhymes.  IT WAS PERFECT!



“We went to the theatre and we watched  “the Beauty and the Beast and the Three Little Pigs”. We enjoyed it because it was original and my favourite thing is the Beauty and the Beast because I loved the book. It’s beautiful and we sang songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Baa Baa Black Sheep…”

S. G.