The British International Section at Voltaire

The British International Section at Collège Voltaire was created in September 2021.

The school currently welcomes a half class of 5ème (year 8) students and a full class of 6ème (year 7) students.

Access to the International Section is selective with an online application form to complete, as well as written and oral tests to assess the applicants’ level of English.

In 6ème, the students have 8 hours of English literature and language per week as well as 1h30 of History and Geography in English.

In 5ème, 4ème and 3ème, the students have 7 hours of English literature and language per week, as well as 1h30 of History and Geography in English.

The goal of the section is to provide an environment that offers teaching specifically adapted to bilingual students, and gives them contact with both anglophone literature and culture with a syllabus based on the British National Curriculum.

The International Section in collège prepares children for the option international du brevet. In 3ème there are specific oral evaluations in English and History & Geography in addition to the standard evaluations for the DNB (Diplôme national du brevet).

The identity of the section is built on various fun activities such as Halloween parties, events to celebrate the different seasons, school trips and projects with other International Sections in Paris (e.g. Shakespeare’s Birthday and spelling bees). However, the students are also well-integrated in the school itself, thanks to trip organized at the start of each year for the classes of 6ème and other interclass projects.

Is the International Section right for your child?

We’re looking for children who have a good grasp of both written and oral English. A love of reading is essential as there are over 8 books to read and study in English every year. A natural curiosity and an enthusiasm for discussing and debating ideas are also greatly appreciated.

Students need to be prepared to accept an extra workload in college (4 hours of lessons on top of the classic timetable) and should be prepared to put in the extra effort to complete assignments and projects to the level demanded.

Dossiers to be submitted online to the Rectorat de Paris from January 2023.

More information is available at: 


Written tests in April 2023

The written test is based on a poem or an extract from children’s literature (either from a well-known classic or a more modern work). There are comprehension questions about the text as well as a short piece of creative writing.

Oral tests in mid-May 2023

A 10-to-15-minute interview with teachers from the international section based on a conversation in English and discussion of a short extract from children’s literature.