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Frankenstein and the numerous visions of the story

As a great scientist,I had a precise goal: to challenge death,to succeed in resurrecting all living beings thanks to a chemical combination never before discovered .After several attempts without positive had never tested before.In my laboratory, I have several living species that I use as witnesses and Guinea pigs for my experiments.To test my new combination,I chose a frog ,a rather common animal.I injected it with the liquid and placed it under a glass bell while I waited for the potential remedy to take effect .I had a lot of files to sort through waiting for me in my office .I decided to go there so as not to waste more time .After I finished,I took some sweepings in the laboratory but the happiest of all men ,I had succeeded,I was the scientist who had fulfilled the dream that had ultimate goal.As I moved forward to gather the pieces of glass, a deafening roar resounded .I was scared, I was sweating ,I was like a child. I turned around and in front of me was a gigantic three-headed dragon.It was then that I realised that I had found the frog ,or rather ,that it had found me.It had metamorphosed.So I had failed, I had created a monster .The only thing that came to my mind after the feeling of guilt was that I Had to run away ,I had to survive and escape from this evil creature.The beast destroyer everything in its path and ran out of my building.It was in the streets of the city and was wandering around causing chaos.It was at that moment that I understood the serious mistake I had made and I could feel it in the eyes of the beast who was thirty for revenge.It was the beginning of a hell

Mohamed and Alya 1STMG2